Doodle Jump (Kindle Fire Kids App Edition)

The first and one of the most Popular kindle fire kids Apps is Doodle Jump. We can get the app only with $0.99. The game apps is aimed to guide Doodler on its endless adventurous journey.

Doodle Jump (Kindle Fire Kids App Edition)
App Details
* Guide the Doodler on its endless journey upwards
* Carefully climb up moving and exploding platforms
* Avoid black holes, monsters, and UFOs
* Destroy baddies by shooting them with Nose Balls
* Play through several different richly illustrated themes

Doodle will climb up, avoid black holes, UFOs monsters shoot the baddies with nose ball and many other fun activities. Doodle is one of the most classic mobile gaming and this game is so additive. Not only children, but also parents will love this game. Want to Try this app? Read more Here